Initial PT evaluation (includes one hour of one on one time for evaluation; any treatment indicated including dry needling, manual therapy, and/or soft tissue work; and corrective exercise programming):  $100


  • PT follow-up visits:  Time-based depending on how long we need in order to address your specific dysfunction adequately - $50 for 30-minute, $75 for 45-minute, or $100 for 60-minute (this will be discussed between PT and client and determined on an individual basis to ensure you are getting exactly the amount of time with me that you need - no more and no less!)

  • 1-month of PT visits paid up front - includes up to two visits with me per week:  $500

  • 6 visit 45-minute package paid up front - $400, 10 visit 45-minute $625

  • 6 visit 60-minute package paid up front - $500, 10 visit 60-minute $800


If you are only interested in dry needling without a comprehensive corrective exercise program…recommended primarily for preventative maintenance, not to address active pain/ the initial visit we still take time to do a movement assessment and determine where exactly we need to be addressing to provide you the best results


Initial dry needling visit:  $100 - this is a 60-minute one-on-one visit and also involves movement assessment, any special testing required for your condition, and time to go over any "homework" in addition to any dry needling treatment indicated by the assessment

  • Single 30-minute dry needling follow-up:  $50; 45-minute:  $75

  • 6-visit dry needling packages

    • 30-minute:  $250; 45-minute:  $400

  • 10-visit dry needling packages

    • 30-minute:  $400; 45-minute:  $625

Affiliate owners/coaches:  Ask about my special pricing for affiliate owners and full-time coaches