"A little background.  I have been training and competing in the arena of CrossFit for almost 4 years now.  I have taken that training from what was a mere hobby to occupying a great deal of my time.  I train multiple times a day at various intensities and spend what little time I do have to myself working on recovery to wake up the next day and do it all over again.  Sometimes this high volume and capacity of training catches up to me.  I primarily have issues in my shoulders, hips, and knees (stemming from the IT band).

Corey, knowing about these issues, ran me through a couple tests and suggested that I let him dry needle a couple places to see if that would alleviate some of the pain and tightness.  Hesitantly, (I am terrified of needles) I agreed.  Corey proceeded to stick needles in my shoulders, back, lats, neck, hips, and butt.  The pain was nothing that I couldn’t handle and the benefits far outweighed the temporary discomfort.  Once complete, every place that was needled felt sore.  This soreness continued throughout the evening, lessening as time went on.  I woke the next morning pain free and gained mobility that I didn’t previously have in my problem areas.  I demand a great deal from my body and test its limits each and every day.  In order to meet this demand I need a tune up from time to time, and dry needling and Corey's direction on movement corrections has provided just that."

-Andy Angelo, 2-time CrossFit Central East Regional Competitor (2014, 2016), CrossFit Scioto Athlete

"I began working with Corey after two years of Olympic weightlifting with Project Lift. Our goal has been to be preventative in my off season by releasing muscle tension that needed to be re-established in the correct areas. Specifically, we have been working on my left shoulder girdle and back so that I may re-balance my overhead strength, stability, and mobility to that of my right, dominant shoulder girdle and back.

I am incredibly thankful for Corey's precise work. We have made great, continued progress thus far with dry needling and I am always in a better place after our session. He is definitely stuck with me as a client as I grow to fight for an Olympic team spot in 2020 and forever. I highly recommend him for anyone's physical therapy or rehabilitation!"

-Stephanie Hohn, Competitive Olympic Lifter, 2020 Olympics hopeful, Project Lift Athlete

"I am a mom of two boys, a corporate career woman, a CrossFit athlete and coach...basically, I'm busy.  I always depend on my weekends as my time to clean my house, run all my errands and also transport my boys to their activities.  On a Saturday morning, the day before my son's first communion, I woke up with debilitating pain in my neck and an inability to turn my head in any direction.  I tried to go about my day and do all of the preparations needed for my son's big day but I could barely make myself move around and kept losing my patience with my boys.  I called Corey and asked if he could see me on short notice and work on my neck.

He got me in right away, and I tried dry needling for the first time.  He assessed my movement issues, explained what he was going to do, and worked on several spots in my traps and alongside my spine.  I was surprised that the procedure was not painful.  Uncomfortable, yes...but not painful.  When I sat up after he was done, I pretty much had full range of motion and immediate relief from my pain.  Corey gave me a mobility assignment to continue loosening up after I left and followed up with me over the next few days to ensure I was still feeling good.  My children were extremely relieved that I had returned to being a nice mom and we were able to finish the preparations for my son's ceremony.  I'm thankful to have tried this physical therapy option for this first time, and since that time, I have visited Corey for multiple ailments including issues with my lower back, shoulder, and hamstrings to name a few.  Fully endorsed and fully recommended!"

-Natalie Adams, Mother of two, Corporate Executive, CrossFit Worthington Athlete

"I recently experienced severe neck and upper shoulder pain and had tried several remedies but nothing was working.  I met with Dr. Southers, and he was able to perform dry needling on both my shoulder and neck.  It was amazing that my mobility immediately improved after the procedure and the pain was almost completely gone.  The dry needling process was very relaxing and there was little pain involved.  Dr. Southers was very comforting prior to performing needling and talked me through the entire process and what to expect.  I would highly recommend Dr. Southers, especially for athletes or anyone who is experiencing aches or pains.  Working with Dr. Southers has proven to be substantial for my mobility improvement and keeping me healthy."

-Don Cushler, CrossFit athlete