Full outpatient physical therapy services including evaluation, treatment, functional movement assessment/training, dry needling, manual therapy, and corrective exercise programming

First and foremost, I only treat one-on-one with clients. You deserve my full attention in the time that you are spending with me, and that is the only way to truly help correct your problems. You will not find me bouncing around between different clients during your time here - all appointments are uninterrupted 45-60 minute sessions.

FUNCTIONAL movement and pain

The first thing I do is look at how your body moves as a whole. If there are major movement patterns that are not where we need them to be, it is likely that they are contributing to pain you are experiencing.

It is rare that the place you feel your symptoms is actually the place the problem is coming from in the big picture - for example, knee pain is typically coming from a problem at either the ankle or hip (there are exceptions). I want to find those big discrepancies and correct those, while we simultaneously work to decrease the pain in the local area of irritation by means of the proper dosing of exercise volume and load, dry needling, manual therapy, mobility activities, etc. This puts you in a better position to actively manage any imbalances we find, and keep from needing to see me in the future.

I expect my patients to be very active in this process and not expect fully passive treatment throughout the time spent with me both in clinic or at home with the home exercise program prescribed.

Conditions we Can treat

  • Back pain (upper, middle, lower)

  • Shoulder pain

  • Hip pain

  • Knee pain

  • Neck pain

  • Foot/ankle pain

  • Elbow/Forearm/wrist/hand pain

  • Jaw pain

  • Headaches

  • Weakness/movement dysfunction

  • Numbness/tingling

  • Post-surgical movement restrictions

  • In general - pain

Wellness/injury prevention

This is my preferred area of "treatment" so that we address any movement dysfunctions or mobility deficits before they develop into an injury and also to improve your performance in the gym - or improve your performance with daily activities for that matter.

During this track of intervention with me, we do a full movement assessment to determine where, if anywhere, you have deficits with your movement.  We then develop a corrective exercise program of 3-4 key accessory activities that you can add into your regular scheduled programming in order to individualize things a bit more to what you specifically need.  

Typically, I would see you back in the clinic for a short visit every 2-3 weeks or even monthly to re-assess your progress and see what we can progress or change to keep you headed in the right direction.

Usually this is much more corrective exercise-based intervention, and you will leave my office with plenty of homework to be working on before we meet again.

Contact us at rehabredef@gmail.com to set up an appointment!